Friday, May 27, 2016

Torrid Katy Mills Store Opening


Today my friend Eva Duplan and I went to the Store Opening event at Katy Mills Mall.  I thought it was a good way to practice lighting effects and multiple people.  

That was one heck of a line that they had.  It wouldn't have surprised me if it was going out the door. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Red Sea event at Oceanlife Aquariaums


On Friday the 20th, My husband wanted to go to the Red Sea Event for free stuff and learning about his new salt water fish tank.  He got me hooked when he said that there was a tea house nearby.  I honestly do recommend Jades Teahouse,

I went to Red Sea event at Ocean Life Aquariums,, where they had a speaker there. 

Just Fyi, Nick at Oceanlife is an awesome guy who really knows his stuff.

While he was blabbing on and on, I decided to go take a couple of photos of some pretty fish.

Style Pass It On Event


The Style Pass It On Event was hosted by fashion blogger Shalanda Turner with Live Life In Style fashion blogger. 

This was my first event as a professional photographer.  

It was held at Tarakaan Restaurant & Sushi,  

My friend Eva Duplan from 
was the one that gave me that push from hobbyist to professional.  

Please check out the photo shoots I took that night in my Portfolio.  
That night I look photos of Shalanda Turner and Heather Petrey