Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cadillac XT5 Style Driven


I had a blast at the Cadillac XT5 Style Driven! 
💖🚗 #styledrivenhou #cadillac #evaduplanart #cupofcharisma #livelifeinstyle 🚗💖
You can check out more of my photos from this event in my portfolio.


It was a great experience. I was able to meet new people and create new contacts.  Not only that, but I was able to be in a whole new environment than I did when I was just taking nature shots.

I have to thank Eva Dupon, Fashion illustrator, and friend, for inviting me to this event. 
She does a great job drawing her sketches, go and check out her work!
I also want to thank Shalanda Turner, Fashion Blogger at Live Life In Syle and Jillian Goltzman, lifestyle blogger at Cup of Charisma for hanging out with me at the event.
 These ladies are awesome and fun to hang out with!  💖 

The main event happened at Silver Street Studios
 Driving there from Vrsi Nightclub in the 
new 2017 Black XT5 was very nice.

One of the people that I met there was Emily Bastedo, life + style blogger at Something Gold, Something Blue.
(She is on the left next to Jillian Goltzman)

Another person that I met was Alice Kerley, 
fashion blogger at Lone Star Looking Glass
She is on the right next to her mom, aww how sweet. 💖 
Now that's what I call a girls night out!

I also met with Tammy Smith,
Houston Fashion & Travel Blogger at The Style Accomplice.
 (She is on the far right)

I was able to meet LeRenda there too.  She is a Professional Freelance Make-Up Artist and a Beauty Blogger. Check out her website at Beauty by LeRenda.  (She is on the right) 

Finally, I was able to meet Chloe Dao, Fashion Designer.   You can check out her website at: 

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